This is a selection of videos of Ada’s poetry recitals captured on tape spanning four decades. The recordings were originally done on different types of video tapes which have gradually deteriorated over the years. The digitized versions of some of the videos presented on the website are therefore not very clear.
The collection included Ada’s recitals in different mushairas and other programs recorded by Pakistan Television, the only television channel in the country at that that time. Some of the recordings were made at private literary gatherings also.

Aik bay naam see
23 March 1990
Andaz e naqshe pay
Barthay huay saayey
Bay aas saaton nay
Bayshak mairay mola
Ghar ka rasta bhee
Dastak hawa kee ho
Guftaar main bay sakhta pan
Jab duaon main hon
Guloon see guftago karee
Mairay harf harf
Koyee saiban milay
Merged Masjid e Aqsa
Manzil dekhai day
Milad e bahar
Pakistan kay naam
Sabr away na taab away hay
tufan main jaysay sahil dekhai day
Tum par salam sibte nabi
Woh jo Faiz tha
Us ko nazdeek aanay na daina
Annual Sir Syed Day Mushaira USA
Yeh ajeeb rastay hain
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