Some of Ada’s poetry has also been sung by prominent singers of the time. In this selection of videos, you will see songs dating back to the early 1970’s when a very young Nayyara Noor sang Ashk aankhon sayI and Naheed Akhtar sang Dow Nain kanwal” in the era before color TV. This selection also includes Ada’s famous Hoton pay kabhee unkay mera naam he aayay” sung by Amanat Ali Khan recorded in the early 1970’s.
The quality of some of the video clips is not good because of the natural deterioration of the video tapes over the years. All these songs were recorded for Pakistan Television.

Dhalkey dhalkey Thaira Sayed
Ashk aankhon say Nayara Noor
Do nain kawal Naheed Akhtar
Hoton pay kabhee Amanat Ali Khan
Rahat Kazmi reciting
Mairay geet adhuray Nayyara Noor
Yah fakhr tow hasil hay final
Rubaroo hay abhee
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